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5 Amazing Entertainment Jobs Los Angeles That will Make You Love the Industry

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As the world’s entertainment capital, Los Angeles offers a variety of opportunities to people working in the industry. Whether you want to be on set as an actor or play behind the scenes with set design, there are jobs available in Los Angeles that will make you love the time spent on them. Here are ten amazing entertainment jobs Los Angeles that you’ll love.

The Dream Job

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of working in music. I’ve always been fascinated with how to create something that causes so many different emotions. To be able to move people to tears or rage using only a piano is amazing, but no matter what you’re into or your personality, there’s an entertainment job out there for you. So if you want to turn your love of art into a living and get paid for it, too, here are ten amazing entertainment jobs los Angeles that will make you love your industry more than ever!

Title: Top 10 Entertainment Jobs Los Angeles: How to Get Them and What They Pay 1. Music Composer: $75k – $150k+ (Symphony/Commercial) 2. Songwriter: $50k – $250k+ (Singer/Songwriter) 3. Musician/Band Member: $30k – $100k+ (Instrumentalists) 4. Film Editor: $40k -$120k+ (Hollywood) 5. TV Producer/Director: $45k -$100k+ (TV Shows) 6. Radio DJ/Producer: $35-60K 7. Writer/Author (fiction): $40-60K 8.

Background Artist

If you’re interested in getting behind-the-scenes on a production, becoming a background artist could be just what you’ve been looking for. Background artists fill in crowds with different outfits, makeup, and hairstyles. While it may sound monotonous, you still work closely with some of your favorite actors and actresses. As long as you show up with open ears and an eager attitude, background artists report that even short gigs lead to valuable connections that can help further your entertainment jobs los angeles career. Production Assistant: Production assistants (PAs) do everything from keeping track of schedules and scripts to feeding talent so they see it all! PAs provide a lot of hands-on experience in marketing, promotions, social media management, and event planning. You must have an organized nature when pursuing a job as a PA because these jobs require constant multitasking and communication skills.

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Runway Model

If you’re tall, have a toned physique, and can stand alone without looking out of place in front of thousands of people, walking on runways can be a dream job. The modeling industry is competitive and pays well when you’re young and starting. However, most runway models don’t make it to their thirties because they usually break their bodies down with drug abuse. I mean, if it takes only a handful of years to become addicted to drugs (I know people who have never done drugs at all who are addicted after being runway models for two years), what will happen over time?

Ouch! So while it may seem like fun money now, other careers won’t hurt your body as much as modeling. For example, dancers are also very slender and use incredible energy during performances but dance all day instead of standing around waiting to walk a few minutes down a runway. Most people think dancing looks way easier than running around on concrete but trust me: It’s not! Bartender: Most bartenders tell me they love their jobs entertainment industry; however, no one is more stressed than those in nightlife management.

These jobs require employees to deal with hundreds of drunk customers who have had too much alcohol or not enough food, or maybe even both at once. Many bar managers start as bartenders, so try talking to some about how demanding management can be before taking up such a role.

What does a Hollywood Driver Do?

Many film and television productions require a special type of car to be used in their production, whether a replica of an actual car exists or a customized version for appearance. The job duties for a Hollywood driver will vary depending on which products they’re working on. On one project, they might need to take cast and crew from A to B around town; on another, they may be responsible for driving location scouts. It all depends on what their current position requires them to do at any given time. If you know you’d enjoy being behind the scenes of some of your favorite shows and movies, consider pursuing a Hollywood Driver training program to start your career in entertainment. Write a professional post based on the following description: How I went about learning the German language fluently as an adult.

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Talent Agent

In Los Angeles, talent agents are licensed to represent actors and other performing artists. They negotiate acting roles and compensation for their work on TV shows, in films, and on Broadway. For example, an agent might get a television producer or director interested in his client for a certain show. When negotiating with producers, an agent’s job is to ensure that his client not just anyone receives auditions for parts that suit their performance style; if there are multiple roles, he will push for his client to play one of those roles. In any case, agents must ensure clients maximize their earning potential from each part they play.

A good agent can also help his client set up contracts with directors and production companies so they can continue working steadily in their field. This career path has plenty of benefits, including flexible hours and opportunities to travel. But it also requires strong people skills, as you’ll be dealing directly with your client’s frustrations when things don’t go their way. You should also be comfortable being a gatekeeper: If your client gets into a project, keep them safe by enforcing deadlines, managing budgets, and ensuring everyone involved abides by rules governing safety standards or working conditions.

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Final Thoughts

It can’t hurt to stay in California to get a job in entertainment. But, if you are not located there, don’t lose hope. Some of these jobs are available nationwide, and most have opportunities for telecommuting (for some or all of your time). The more location independent you can make yourself, the easier it will be to live wherever you want to live and still find work. I would also suggest using social media as much as possible to network with people who might help you land an opportunity. If I were looking for one of these jobs, I would use Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook is great, too but sometimes gets too clutter with useless content that doesn’t help me build relationships with people who could potentially help me land a job. Use whatever platforms you prefer but try to connect with people whose connections might be helpful to you.

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