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5 Jobs Entertainment Industry You Didn’t Know Existed

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You’ve probably heard of jobs entertainment industry actors, musicians, performers, etc. but there are plenty of jobs that you might not have thought of before, like an entertainment lawyer or website designer. If you’re interested in working in the entertainment industry and have the right skills, this list of five jobs entertainment industry may be just what you need to get started. For example

Jobs Entertainment Industry: Life on a Movie Set

While you might imagine actors and extras having a good time on set, most of what we see in films is special effects. The life of an actor or extra can be tough, with long hours and hard work. For example, take a stunt person: We see them flipping cars and jumping out windows, but their job is serious work: They have to memorize fight choreography, all while performing potentially dangerous stunts. Stunt people do pretty amazing things on camera and are paid well for doing it!

According to PayScale’s research, stunt people are among Hollywood’s highest earners with a median salary of $82K per year and there’s plenty of room for growth if you’re willing to risk your body on camera. If you want to land one of these jobs, make sure you have experience in martial arts and gymnastics. It’ll help when it comes time to perform those death-defying feats! In addition to stunt people, other jobs include:

  • Aerial riggers (who hang from helicopters).
  • Movie extras (who fill scenes with crowds).
  • Production assistants (who keep sets running smoothly).

If you love film, jobs entertainment industry are fun ways to make money behind the scenes. Check out our list below for more information about these unique careers! Title: 5 Jobs Entertainment Industry You Didn’t Know Existed

Jobs Entertainment Industry: The Life of a Video Game Tester

Being a video game tester has gotten much attention as of late, as it is one of many jobs entertainment industry that don’t require a degree. But what exactly does it mean to be a video game tester? Are you stuck playing games all day? What skills do I need to know? Is it even possible to get into game testing if I’ve never done so? For those interested in becoming a video game tester, read below for an introduction to what being a video game tester entails. We also included five positions within the entertainment jobs los angeles that might interest you.

Aerobic dance instructor: Aerobic dance instructors lead classes where people can learn and practice their moves while staying active and burning calories. There are various types of aerobic dance, such as jazz aerobics, kickboxing aerobics, and more. Aerobic dance instructors must know how to properly teach these classes and create routines and sequences for students with varying skill levels. They should also possess physical endurance and coordination skills to execute their routines during class sessions.ย 

jobs entertainment industry

The Role of an Audiobook Narrator

Have you ever wondered who does those voices for your favorite audiobooks? The answer may surprise you but not as much as how much they make for their voice acting. If your mouth was agape in that last sentence, then good news: narrating audiobooks is a lucrative side hustle. According to our research, audiobook narrators can earn anywhere from $250 to $75 per hour (most of them falling between $500 and $2,000 per finished hour), with a few popular names bringing home much more. This is one of those jobs entertainment industry where it’s truly worth doing some homework before starting.

After all, hundreds of websites will pay you to record yourself reading text aloud so why shouldn’t you be paid well for your time? Plus, with experience comes better rates. So give it a shot if you have any knack for recording your voice or sounding like an awesome storyteller! Read More… Income range: Most narrators make between $250 and $750 per finished hour depending on whether they read single or multiple titles at once and how many hours they put into each title; those in the top tier tend to average around $750โ€“$3,000 per finished hour.

For More Details:

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The Job of a Videogame Programmer

Game programming is an exciting profession in a very cool, up-and-coming field. Videogame programmers create games from scratch and keep current titles running smoothly by fixing bugs as they crop up. Their work will require attention to detail, a deep understanding of software engineering principles, and great communication skills with game designers, sound engineers, and graphics artists. Since video game programming is a rarity outside of entertainment las vegas software companies (especially compared to more conventional software development jobs), you may find that landing your first job in video game programming can be difficult. But if you’re passionate about creating games, it’s well worth it. Here are five careers in video game programming you didn’t know existed. Title: 5 Careers in Videogame Programming You Didn’t Know Existed

What Goes into Being an Animator?

While you may think that animation is just for children’s programming, many successful Hollywood films are animated. The animation process can take weeks to months, depending on how many people work on it and what detail is required. Some animators even specialize in specific types of animation, such as stop-motion or 3D computer graphics. Animators need a passion for drawing and creativity, with an eye for design and attention to detail. They have to work well under pressure, often cranking out multiple drawings daily or weekly to meet deadlines. And they must be able to adapt their style based on client needs. For example, if a director wants something more realistic than a cartoony, then her skills as an animator will come into play. If there’s anything else you want to know about being an animator such as the average salary read on.

jobs entertainment industry

Final Thoughts

There’s a world of opportunity in front of you. As an entertainment professional, there are almost infinite possibilities for your career. Today we’ve done a great job highlighting some of these professions and pointing out how to achieve your goals. Nothing is stopping you from moving to LA or New York and starting tomorrow other than yourself! Your future is waiting for you. It’s time to build it up.ย 

The entertainment industry offers more opportunities today than ever before. To start breaking into this exciting field, you need passion, talent, and maybe a little extra work along the way! Keep dreaming big as you continue pursuing a successful career in entertainment. Who knows where your journey will take you.

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