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5 Sports and Entertainment Jobs That will Knock Your Socks Off

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A career in sports and entertainment might be the right fit if you’re looking to work with some of the world’s best athletes, musicians, artists, or other entertainers. You’ll have the opportunity to attend plenty of games, concerts, and other events at no cost not to mention the fun you can have backstage or in the press box! Check out these five sports and entertainment jobs that knock your socks off!

Professional Sports

Professional sports are as fast-paced, cutthroat, and glamorous as you’ve heard. Well, maybe not quite that glamorous. Still, if you’re a sports fan or have always been intrigued by what goes on behind those bright lights at games, think about making a career out of your passion for sports. You can get paid to experience sporting events from courtside seats while working as a professional athlete’s assistant. The best part? You’ll be right in the middle of all of it! Sports Agent: If you love sports but don’t necessarily want to play them professionally, consider becoming an agent.

As a sports agent, you’ll represent athletes looking to sign lucrative contracts with pro teams. And unlike most jobs in sports, agents aren’t just handling player contracts: they’re also dealing with endorsement deals and even helping their clients plan their lives outside of sport for example, talking with players about investing in real estate or starting their businesses. What does it take to become an agent? It depends on where you live and work (and whether it’s legal), but generally speaking, agents need years of experience within professional sports before they can begin representing athletes themselves.

Sports and Entertainment Jobs: Acting

One of the best things about being an actor is that no two days are ever quite alike. Yes, it may be challenging to see some of your closest friends (or family members) starring in a blockbuster movie while you star in a local theater production, but keep in mind that being a successful actor is about more than just fame it’s about earning money and working with people who you know will support you. If you’re dedicated, hard-working, and willing to give yourself up for a part but still maintain your standards acting can be one of those sports and entertainment jobs that will leave everyone in awe (including yourself). When all else fails: always have an A+ personality. In some situations, charisma is everything! Ticket salesperson: Aspiring sports and entertainment jobs entertainers don’t often think of ticket salespeople as sports and entertainment jobs because they’re not performing or making headlines on stage.

But these employees work behind the scenes to help provide opportunities for entertainers to shine and make money doing so. This job requires selling tickets by phone or in person, handling customer service issues when tickets aren’t delivered on time, troubleshooting ticketing problems like glitches on websites or other technical difficulties, answering questions about shows and venues the list goes on. While many companies hire entry-level workers straight out of college, most candidates need at least three years of experience before they get promoted into management positions with increased salaries and bonuses. And yes…they sell tickets at concerts too.

sports and entertainment jobs

Sports and Entertainment Jobs: Music Industry

Music industry jobs run a wide gamut, from working in a recording studio to booking musicians for gigs to being a professional musician. If you want to make it big in music, your best bet is to devote yourself fully studying your craft and playing live shows wherever you can. But if you’d rather not wear many hats (or just one), other music-related jobs might be more up your alley. For example, why turn it into a side business if you have an impressive collection of vinyl records? Collectors buy, sell and trade all kinds of music memorabilia on eBay; or try Discogs instead.

You could also consider becoming a DJ, spinning tracks at parties and weddings. You don’t need formal training to get started with either of these gigs, but having some skills will help you land better gigs. And while you should always do what you love, remember that making money should also be part of your motivation. After all, no one wants to spend their life doing something they hate.

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Promotions, Public Relations, Advertising Section

Promoting may be your best bet if you’re looking for a job helping popularize a product or entertain people. Sometimes called advertising, PR, marketing, promotion, or sales, these jobs focus on helping a company build its reputation by making itself heard. This could mean working directly with your firm’s clients to make sure they’re getting optimal value from their contract and understanding what kind of bang they can expect for their buck. Suppose you want to ensure companies are spreading good information about themselves to attract new customers and strengthen relationships with old ones.

In that case, promotions may be just what you need. Theatre Section: Theatre professionals have several roles. They can act, direct, design costumes and set design, create lighting effects and sound effects. Or work behind-the-scenes managing logistics like ticketing or props. And if you work in theatre management, you’ll likely find yourself overseeing multiple departments. While trying to meet budget goals simultaneously not an easy task! However, theatre might be a great choice for your career if you love performing arts. Feel confident being creative without boundaries or structure (and know how to balance budgets).

sports and entertainment jobs

Communications and Copywriting

Before you can write, it’s important to know what your audience thinks. What kinds of words will resonate with them? What appeals to them most? And how should you approach writing for that particular audience? These are all questions you must ask yourself when looking for a new position in communications or copywriting. Learn about these types of writing positions by checking out Indeed Prime. While there, you’ll find listings for jobs like Communications Manager, Copywriter, and Creative Writer. These roles require not only solid writing skills but also an understanding of branding, marketing, and media trends as well.

If you want to be successful in a role like one of these, ensure your resume showcases examples of effective content creation particularly. If they’re within your target industry or company size. You might also consider interning at a media outlet. Where you can learn from professionals who’ve been doing it for years. A few options include The New York Times, Vice Media, ESPN, Vogue Magazine, HuffPost, or Business Insider. Check out each publication’s job board; many list internships!

Final Thoughts

If you can’t imagine yourself in a certain type of career, there’s no reason to be intimidated. Consider these five positions all of which have been featured in TechRepublic articles. As a starting point for developing your professional aspirations. And as always, if you enjoy reading about one particular subject, find ways to make that knowledge useful. Whether engineering new robots or figuring out how police forces should adopt technologies. It’s always possible to learn and be inspired by those around you. Once you begin applying your passion toward real-world problems, others may even need your expertise.

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