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The Top 5 Sports and Entertainment Jobs

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Today we will look at the top 10 sports and entertainment jobs that will make you say; I want that job! We’ll go over each job briefly and discuss some benefits and what you need to do to get it. I hope you enjoy reading this article and learning about these incredible jobs!

Production Assistant in Sports and Entertainment Jobs

Also called a runner, a production assistant helps make things happen behind the scenes at a sports or entertainment for party event. For example, you might be responsible for ensuring that an athlete’s equipment is where it needs to be, that an actor’s chair has been delivered to his trailer, or that television cameras are positioned properly for an interview. A P.A.’s job isn’t flash it’s more like assisting the assistors. But if you’re personable and work hard, you may develop relationships with important people in your field (producers, agents, athletes), making it easier to move up later.

One day they could recommend you as a production coordinator (which typically involves working with talent) when they get their next gig. There’s always a chance you’ll run into famous folks; one young man even met his future wife while running errands for her father, legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight! Title: Production Assistant: The Best Sports and Entertainment Jobs You Never Heard Of


Being a professional photographer or videographer is a dream job for many people. But, as we all know, there’s much more to it than just snapping pics or recording your friends. Being a successful videographer or photographer requires business savvy, technical skills (both still and video), creativity, timing, and, perhaps most importantly, a talent for engaging with clients.

No matter what type of photography or videography you do (wedding? concerts? commercial shoots?) being good at working with people is key. Your business will depend on your ability to get clients to feel comfortable in front of your camera that means great communication skills! And knowing how to keep them happy during a shoot will ensure you end up with quality work.

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Public Relations Specialist

Sports are big business. For example, NBC paid $8.8 billion to broadcast all four rounds of PGA golf in 2013 and 2014. No sport’s popularity is as tied to a single player as professional tennis is to Roger Federer; from 2003-2012, his shirt was second only to Nike Inc.’s swoosh logo. So if you’re interested in sports and entertainment jobs, consider public relations (P.R.) or marketing. P.R. specialists can work for teams, leagues, or individual athletes think Serena Williams’ agent! Marketing specialists can be found at sporting goods companies like Wilson Sporting Goods Co., which makes products like tennis racquets, basketballs, and football helmets.

Sports have always been about more than what happens on the field/court/pitch but now more than ever! The most successful players are brands unto themselves. Why? Because they generate revenue through sponsorships, appearances, and other deals with brands who want their names attached. If you want sports and entertainment jobs, then getting an education in P.R. or marketing is a great place to start.

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Graphic Designer in Sports and Entertainment Jobs

A graphic designer creates everything from logos to packaging design to websites. The best jobs combine creativity, business sense, and technical skills. But it’s a competitive field, so learn as much about Photoshop or InDesign as possible before you try to get your foot in the door. If you want that job, be prepared to have an on-site portfolio review if necessary. If you’re starting in your career, that can be a little intimidating but if you can present yourself professionally and come prepared with samples of your work (on CD or thumb drive), it will help open doors for you. Never underestimate presentation! Don’t forget about personal connections; ask friends who work at these companies what they do there and how they got their job.

It’s also important to keep up with trends in your industry, so read blogs and magazines regularly. Most importantly: don’t be afraid to network! Attend events where people from different industries gather (like Chamber of Commerce mixers). Volunteer for community service projects that expose you to people who might know someone looking for employees like you. Finally always follow up with everyone you meet, even if it seems like a dead-end lead. It’s amazing how many people are willing to give advice or connect with you once they know you’re serious about pursuing something new.

Talent Manager in Sports and Entertainment Jobs

Talent managers handle artists’ careers, from talent discovery to tour planning. To succeed in your career, you must have a business degree, organizational skills, and technical expertise. Your daily responsibilities will vary greatly depending on what artist you represent; however, you will likely be responsible for tracking individual sales for each album or single release. Talent managers often work long hours, so make sure you’re willing to give your all if becoming a talent manager truly interests you. Find out more about becoming a talent manager here!

Tour Manager: Tour managers are hired by musicians to manage their tours. While many music industry professionals begin their careers as stagehands, others start as tour managers. Since they travel with musicians while performing shows at different venues, tour managers can sometimes perform multiple roles throughout an average day, including audio engineer, driver, and merchandise salesperson. If you enjoy working in an exciting environment with unique daily challenges, then being a tour manager might be right for you.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a major sports or entertainment las vegas fan, being in sports and entertainment can be a fun industry to work in. With fame comes great opportunities to meet celebs, travel around the world, play games for a living the list goes on. These exciting jobs are highly rewarding because of what they mean to us as fans. In many ways, working for these industries is a dream job for most of us because it helps make our dreams come true too! So check out my top five picks for jobs in sports and entertainment that will have you saying I want that job! And if none of them speak to you, remember.

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