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Is Game of Thrones On Netflix? Everything You Need To Know Before Watching

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Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Well, if you are yearning to watch the hit HBO series again or have never seen it, here’s what you need to know before watching: Is Game of Thrones on Netflix? Learn more in this article and find out which streaming services offer the show, who holds the rights to it, and how you can get your hands on the latest season!

Is Game of Thrones On Netflix?Introduction

Assuming you’re still catching up on the greatest show in television history, you may wonder if you can watch is Game of Thrones on Netflix. The simple answer is no, but we’ll elaborate further and explain why. 

First and foremost, Game of Thrones is an HBO original series. This means that it’s not available on any streaming platform, including Netflix. To watch Game of Thrones, you need to have an HBO subscription. 

There are a few ways to go about this. You could sign up for HBO Now, HBO’s standalone streaming service that gives you access to all of their new and old shows. Or, if you already have a cable TV subscription, you can add HBO through your provider. 

Once you have an HBO subscription, you can watch Game of Thrones through the HBO app or website or through your TV provider’s website or app (if they offer HBO as part of their package). 

So there you have it! You’ll need an HBO subscription if you want to watch Game of Thrones. But trust us; it’s worth it.

Where to Stream Game of Thrones?

You have a few options if you want to stream Game of Thrones. You can buy the individual episodes or seasons on Amazon Video, iTunes, or Google Play. Or, you can sign up for a subscription to HBO Now or HBO GO. These streaming services will give you access to all seasons of Game of Thrones and other HBO programming.

is game of thrones on netflix

Is There a Netflix Version?

Is Game of Thrones On Netflix? No, Game of Thrones is not currently available on Netflix. However, it is available on HBO GO, a streaming service from HBO that you can use to watch all of their shows, including Game of Thrones. You must sign up for an account and pay a monthly fee to use HBO GO.

Why Is Game of Thrones Not On Netflix?

There are several reasons Game of Thrones is currently out of stock on Netflix. The most obvious reason is that the show is still airing on HBO. Netflix typically does not offer shows that are still airing on other networks.

Another reason is that Game of Thrones is a very popular show, and thus would be expensive for Netflix to acquire. Netflix has historically been reluctant to spend large sums of money on individual shows, preferring to invest in its original content.

Finally, it is possible that HBO doesn’t want Game of Thrones to be available on Netflix. HBO has its streaming service, HBO GO, which offers all of the network’s programming. Making Game of Thrones available on Netflix would likely cut their subscription numbers.

Is Game of Thrones On Netflix? Other Streaming Options

In addition to HBO GO, there are other ways to stream Game of Thrones. You can watch it on Amazon Video or Hulu or rent it from iTunes or Google Play. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can watch all seasons of Game of Thrones with your Prime Video subscription.

Sign in to your Prime account and search for “Game of Thrones.” All seasons will be available to watch. Hulu also offers all seasons of Game of Thrones. To watch, sign in to your account and search for “Game of Thrones.” All seasons will be available to watch.

is game of thrones on netflix

If you don’t have a subscription to HBO GO, Amazon Video, or Hulu, you can still watch Game of Thrones by renting it from iTunes or Google Play. Search for “Game of Thrones” and select the season you want to watch. You’ll be able to stream the episodes for a fee.

Final Thoughts

After eight seasons, Game of Thrones has finally come to an end. Those who have yet to watch the series may wonder Is Game of Thrones on Netflix. The answer is yes, but you should know a couple of things before watching. First and foremost, Game of Thrones is not for the faint. It features graphic violence, nudity, and adult themes.

If you are uncomfortable with seeing such content, this show is not for you. Secondly, the series is very long and can sometimes be quite confusing. It is recommended that you watch it with someone who has already seen it and can help explain things.

With that being said, Game of Thrones is an incredible show that is definitely worth watching. If you are prepared for the content and are willing to invest the time, you will be rewarded with one of the best television experiences of your life.

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