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The Best Online Fun Multiplayer Games to Play With Friends

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If you’re looking for fun, engaging multiplayer games to play with friends, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of the best online fun multiplayer games available on your computer or mobile device so you can start playing with friends worldwide. So without further ado, let’s get started

Up for Some Battle Royale?

The best online fun multiplayer games these days can have thousands of players, with multiple games happening simultaneously in a single game server. It’s like a digital version of community theater! If you and your friends are looking for fun multiplayer action, try one of these ten best online multiplayer games to play with friends. They’re all free-to-play and fun to play with people you know, whether they’re right next door or across town. And when there’s no one around, they’ll make an excellent alternative to Candy Crush! Your whole entertainment for party will get in on the action because they don’t require high scores or complicated rules; start shooting and see who wins as the last man standing.

Either way, you’ll have a blast! (That is unless someone calls shotgun on that sweet weapon first.) You might even find yourself sneaking in some extra hours of work after everyone else has gone home for the day…because, let’s face it: When you have that much fun playing video games, it’s easy to forget that you should be doing something else instead. (And speaking from experience here.) These online fun multiplayer games offer everything from zombie killing to world domination. Choose one or two and prepare to get addicted. Who needs sleep anyway? Not us! We’ve got stuff to do stuff like gaming! 😀 Remember: Each team has only three lives per round.

online fun multiplayer games

Are You Looking for a Survival Game?

Try Rust and online fun multiplayer games like Stranded Deep. They’re different from your typical survival game because you aren’t going out into a desolate wasteland. Your world is inhabited by other people who can help or hurt you. These games are worth playing with friends as they are an experience, but they aren’t so intense that people can’t just hop in and play alone. Give one of them a try! You might be surprised by what type of game you enjoy most when it comes to multiplayer games. Here’s a quick rundown.

For something more team-based: Stick Fight, Fortnite, League of Legends, H1Z1, and World of Tanks. For something more casual: Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Warframe, Cube World, Journey, and RIFT. Counter Strike GO, Minecraft (and its PvP servers), Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies mode (or any zombies mode), FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, Rocket League. And for those who want it all at once: League of Legends’ ARAM mode is sort-of deathmatch-style combat where players must kill each other to destroy enemy towers.

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How About an Adventure You can Play with Your Kids?

Most of us grew up playing video games with our friends on a couch or in front of a TV. Those were awesome, but most worry about being too tire for a real-life game at night. Luckily, plenty of online multiplayer games can help you and your family set aside screen time while still spending quality time together. So whether you’re looking for something new to play together with younger kids or want an excuse to sneak away from work at lunch and indulge your inner child, here are some great online multiplayer games worth checking out Settlers of Catan.

If you’ve ever played Monopoly with your friends, then Settlers of Catan will be familiar territory. This board game is about getting resources wood, brick, wool, and ore to build roads and settlements so you can claim land and trade with other players. The fun part? You get to do it over a few beers or glasses of wine! One player takes on the role of dealer (the person who distributes cards) while everyone else give two random cards to start. To win, you must trade resource cards until someone has ten victory points earned by building cities, roads, or settlements.

Online Fun Multiplayer Games: Try Car Racing

Car racing games are one of the oldest types of video games. They date back to 1947 when they use as training simulations for pilots at military bases. Since then, car racing simulators have evolved and become some of our most popular titles on sites like Microsoft X-Box Live Arcade, Nintendo’s Wii Shop Channel, and Sony’s PlayStation Network. So what makes these games so much fun? A lot of it has to do with how closely they mimic real-life racing cars move according to physics laws that determine acceleration rate and speed off a certain distance.

Cars’ handling is determine by calculating their power rating; top speeds vary depending on car type, and control schemes differ base on what platform you’re playing on. It’s no wonder why these games are so addictive! If you want to try your hand at car racing games, check out Gran Turismo 5 Prologue or Forza Motorsport 2.

Online Fun Multiplayer Games: Sports Lover

You don’t have to be a sports fan (in fact, we prefer people who aren’t) to play FIFA 15. Whether you want to enjoy it solo or team up with others online, FIFA 15 is your ticket into one of the most addicting video games of all time. Plus, by connecting your console or computer via the EA Sports Football Club Match Day mobile app, you can unlock special rewards and challenges with friends on and off the field. All you need is an Xbox 360 (or Xbox One), PlayStation 3 (or 4), and a PC running Windows 8.1 or later for free downloads and access that will keep you kicking around for hours on end. In addition, FIFA Ultimate Team lets players build their dream teams through card packs containing players from past tournaments.

Earn coins to improve existing cards, and make sure your collection has everything it needs to create a winning team! Let’s play! But don’t worry there’s more than just football to explore when FIFA 15 comes out. Similar game modes await soccer, basketball, and hockey fans alike though each sport has nuances that may take time to master if you haven’t played before. Still worried about mastering all those different systems? Don’t be! The game provides plenty of tools and tutorials so new players can learn how to succeed at whatever sport they choose.

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Final Thoughts

Playing with friends is always fun, but not all multiplayer games created equal. Some make it a point to be social, while others turn their back on human interaction in favor of allowing you to focus on crushing your enemies and reaching new heights of power. The games below are some of our favorites for playing online with our friends – though if you have your favorites, we’d love to hear about them! (Hopefully, without having to spend time killing each other). If you want to play these games with friends, consider creating an account for your group so everyone can track what they’ve done together.

You can also use services like Discord or Skype to chat with one another as you play. Apex Legends: If there’s one game that has taken over Twitch since its release just two weeks ago, it’s Apex Legends. This battle royale-style shooter from Respawn Entertainment features a variety of characters players can choose from and plenty of ways to interact socially during matches whether by forming alliances or trash-talking one another before duking it out in combat.

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