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The Reality of Getting Entertainment Industry Jobs Los Angeles

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If you are looking for Entertainment Industry Jobs Los Angeles, it can be extremely exciting at first. Still, it won’t take long before your excitement turns into something much different and darker: desperation. With countless people all looking for the same thing a job that will make their dreams come true it’s pretty easy to start feeling like you aren’t going to find what you’re looking for, no matter how hard you try or how much time you invest in it. But don’t give up hope just yet.

How Many People Work in Entertainment?

It’s not easy getting entertainment industry jobs los Angeles. Sure, it might seem like there are tons of people working in the entertainment industry and that they’re all famous. But that’s just because they’re the ones who became successful. The reality is that only a small percentage work in entertainment and the vast majority of them are actors, musicians, comedians, or designers. Hundreds of thousands more people do similar jobs for every mega-famous celebrity like Beyonce or George Clooney. Still, they have never been recognized for their efforts or innate talent!

So how does someone with dreams of being a Hollywood star find entertainment jobs los Angeles? It can be tricky. To begin with, you need to know what kind of position you want: actor? Writer? Producer? Director? After that, you must ensure your resume reflects your experience and skills in this field. Finally, apply for as many openings as possible, no matter where they are even if they’re on the other side of the country! Anything can happen if you believe strongly enough in your talents and ability to succeed.

What Kind of Jobs Are Available?

To find entertainment industry jobs los Angeles, you need to know what kinds of jobs are available. Entertainment industry jobs los Angeles range from actor, writer or director. You can also get a job in the fashion or music industry. Your best bet is to find an internship or entry-level position with a company that specializes in the field you want to work in. Even if it’s unpaid, it will give you experience and connections in the industry. When looking for entertainment industry jobs los Angeles, you’ll have to research different types of companies and industries. The only way to find these positions is by searching online and asking around. Another option is interning at various companies, which will open doors for future opportunities. There’s no easy answer to finding entertainment industry jobs los Angeles because you’re not just competing against other people but against other states as well.

entertainment industry jobs los angeles

Can You Work Full Time If You Have Another Job?

To work in the entertainment industry, you need to be able to devote your time and energy. It would be best if you also had a certain level of talent for casting directors and producers to notice. It is possible but unlikely, for someone with a full-time job elsewhere or family commitments to maintain their current position while pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.ย Suppose you are looking into this line of work and are fortunate enough not to have any familial responsibilities or other obligations that would prevent you from dedicating all your time and energy.

In that case, it is more likely that you will land an entertainment industry job than if you had another full-time commitment. However, even if you do not have these other commitments, there are still many things to consider when it comes to getting one of these jobs: luck, timing, connections, and having the right skill set.

Entertainment Industry Jobs Los Angeles: Minimum Wage vs. Average Salaries

In California, the minimum wage is $10.50 per hour as of July 1, 2017. Working full time and an average of 40 hours a week will equate to $21,600 annually before taxes. This is substantially higher than the federal minimum wage ($7.25). However, it is still not enough for a single person to live in Los Angeles county, where the median cost for a one-bedroom apartment is over $2,000 per month in many locations. Living expenses such as groceries and utilities are also much higher in metropolitan areas like LA County due to increased demand for amenities that go along with living so close to other people, such as restaurants and public transportation.

So what does all this mean? The short answer is that if you’re coming from another state or country, don’t assume your income will increase because wages are higher in California. It’s quite possible for someone who earns $30K/year in their home state to make more than someone earning $60K/year here because they could get by with less due to lower living costs.

entertainment industry jobs los angeles

Entertainment Industry Jobs Los Angeles: Do You Need an Agent to Get a Job?

Many Hollywood people will tell you you need an agent to get a job. That’s not necessarily true. Sure, getting your foot in the door without one will not be easy, but it’s possible. If you want to go the agentless route, there are things that you can do to increase your chances for success – like networking and researching companies before applying for jobs. I’m telling you this because while getting an agent might not be necessary, there is still a ton of work involved in finding work as an entertainment industry professional.

It may seem like all those young kids have found their way into the entertainment industry out of nowhere, but they didn’t! They’ve been hard at work making connections, learning about the industry, and taking risks since they were children. And now they’re reaping the benefits including plenty of residual income every time their content is watched on TV or online.

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Final Thoughts

I was in your shoes once. I wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry, and I had no idea what it would take to get there. The good news is that you don’t have to know either because you’re already here! This post has given you some real insight into what it takes to land an entertainment industry jobs, so all that is left is for you to go out there and make it happen! If you’ve been stuck on this goal for a while now but are finally ready to start taking action, feel free to email me, and we can talk about setting up a time when we can jump on Skype together to map out your next steps. I’d love to see you achieve your dream of landing an entertainment industry job.

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