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The Top 5 Sports and Entertainment Jobs You Didn’t Know About

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A career in the sports and entertainment industry can be one of the most rewarding, fun, and lucrative options available and one of the most difficult to break into. There are numerous jobs available to those looking to work in sports and entertainment, from minor league coaching positions to executive board member positions at major companies. Still, it’s important to remember that breaking into these careers can be tricky. Here are five top sports and entertainment jobs you might not have considered yet.

Sports and Entertainment Jobs: Social Media Specialist

Social media is now an integral part of every business, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of careers related to managing social media platforms. If you want to be on the front lines of digital advertising, then a career as a social media specialist might be right for you. Social media specialists create strategies for social campaigns, monitor brand reputation across platforms, and manage customer relationships through social networks like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Plus, because these jobs typically don’t require advanced degrees or specific skills, they’re accessible even if you have only a high school education. It can be competitive to break into these positions; you may need a few years of marketing or communications experience before companies consider hiring you as a junior staffer.

But many entry-level positions start at $40,000 per year or more. Sports Agent: Sports agents represent athletes who play professional sports and negotiate their contracts with teams and leagues. Agents get paid by their clients usually a percentage of their earnings so becoming a sports agent can be quite lucrative. But it’s not just about money: agents work closely with players to help them make life decisions off the court or field that could impact their careers in big ways down the road (like endorsements). Because these professionals are often privy to sensitive information about players’ contracts and negotiations, they must adhere to strict confidentiality agreements when representing them.

Digital Marketing Assistant

In my experience, there are two main ways to break into sports and entertainment jobs marketing: internships and networking. A social media internship might be a great option depending on your comfort level with cold calling. If you like connecting with people online (and don’t mind working on your days off), social media jobs in sports are extremely popular. But if you’re more comfortable talking to humans face-to-face, consider reaching out to athletes, agents, or other industry reps at sporting events or concerts. Ask them about their teams or what life is like on tour; who knows you might meet someone who can help advance your career!

And make sure you never underestimate how powerful of an asset LinkedIn is when it comes to sports and entertainment jobs searches. Lifestyle/Brand Manager: Although they’re not as common as they once were, lifestyle managers still play an important role in many pro sports organizations’ marketing departments. With just one athlete under their wing, a lifestyle manager’s job is multifaceted but it all boils down to managing that athlete’s brand image and reputation through any means possible.

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Sports and Entertainment Jobs: VP Digital Marketing

The role of Vice President of Digital Marketing is a relatively new development, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important than its more traditional cousin, VP Marketing. This is especially true for companies that don’t have a strong presence in social media or e-commerce. If you’re an SME in these spaces, having a VP of Digital Marketing is essential to stay competitive. And here are five jobs entertainment industry you didn’t know needed to be filled. (Website) Director of Social Media.

As with digital marketing, there are many facets to managing social media on behalf of a company and for example, posting content to Twitter and Facebook, creating video content, responding to customer service issues, monitoring analytics data, etc. Doing all those things well requires someone who knows how they fit into their business strategy and company culture and that’s what makes them good at their job. And we’ve got just such a person she manages our own social media presence.

Social Media Manager

Social media management is a huge part of how modern entertainment companies market themselves. Although some celebrities still have personal publicists, plenty rely solely on social media managers to keep them in touch with their fans. If you know how to help companies increase their social presence, you could land a job as a social media manager. The responsibilities vary depending on what kind of company hires you, but for those in entertainment, it’s all about engaging fans across various platforms. Social media has become an indispensable part of entertainment marketing over the past few years; if you want to get involved in sports or entertainment while working at home, consider earning your degree online while also creating a personal brand that’ll help you land gigs like a social media manager.

A degree will open up doors to networking and who knows? It might lead to a big break in sports and entertainment jobs! 1. Do your research: While studying sports and entertainment jobs management can be useful, more important than any degree is hands-on experience. Networking and making connections can give you access to potential employers before you finish school. 2. Be strategic: Sports are always evolving, so it’s important to make sure that you stay ahead of trends and changes within each sport that interests you most.

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Chief Technology Officer

The chief technology officer, or CTO, often wears many different hats. In addition to being concerned with how a company uses technology, they are also responsible for ensuring that an organization can utilize it effectively. As such, they oversee areas like software development, engineering, and other computer-related tasks. They’re also responsible for creating budgets in these departments and leading teams through strategic planning sessions. If you want to be a CTO someday, you’ll want to hone your skills as an expert in coding or network management to prove your worth as someone with broad technological expertise.

This could help land a job at companies like Microsoft, Apple, or Cisco. Some people work at colleges and universities; others go to hospitals or other healthcare facilities; others get jobs in finance or consulting firms you name it! One thing is certain: if you’re looking for a career in sports and entertainment jobs, there will always be something available for you! So check out our list below of lesser known sports, and entertainment jobs we guarantee will get your creative juices flowing! (hint: click on each title) Sports Marketing Consultant โ€‹If you’re interested in sports but aren’t sure where to begin, then consider getting involved with sports marketing.

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Final Thoughts

Sports are integral to American culture, allowing families to gather together to share a common passion. And while many sports fans want nothing more than to be on-site watching live, many others enjoy collecting sports memorabilia or attending games as spectators. With that in mind, here are our top five jobs you didn’t know about within sports entertainment: 1. Sports lawyer 2. Sports agent 3. Game announcer/commentator 4. Director of sporting event facilities 5. Fan relations coordinator Within each job description, we will outline each position (e.g., tasks performed, education requirements) and provide specific information on salary range and available employment locations by state.

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